TuffStuff Adjustable Hyper-Extension Bench (CHE-340)

TuffStuff’s Evolution Series includes an Adjustable Hyper-Extension Bench (CHE-340) with a multi-purpose design that allows the user to work their mid and lower back, gluteal, hamstring, and abdominal muscles. The Hyper-Extension Bench is adjustable from 48º hyper angle, to full roman-chair workout position. Weighing only 90 lbs. with built-in wheels, the bench can easily be transported and stored in different locations.


Product Description

  • Adjustable from 48º hyper angle to full roman-chair

The Evolution Adjustable Hyper-Extension Bench (CHE-341) allows swift adjustments, enabling the user to move from a hyper-extension position to a full roman chair with minimal effort. Foot and trunk supports plus built-in handles keep you in the proper position so you can focus on building muscle.