Nexersys Pro NXS-P

The Nexersys Pro NXS-P offers the ultimate cross-training experience and is designed with the most serious athlete in mind. It is a major upgrade, blending the user flexibility of the Home (NXS-H) unit with the ruggedness and professional gym features of the Commercial unit (NXS-C). With workout history tracking and multi-user profiles, the NXS-P offers 100+ training videos and 4-minute Avatar rounds to push the limits of your training.


Product Description

High-Intensity Interval Training (‘HIIT’) MMA/Boxing-inspired training focused on striking, cardio and ‘exergaming’
Training Videos Over 100 professional training videos and unlimited 4-minute Avatar rounds
Multiple Training Levels Suitable for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced users
Nexersys Training Progressive workouts based on your personal workout history
My Training User-defined sessions exactly how you want
Avatar Training ‘Follow Me’ and Sparring rounds against on-screen Avatar
Multiplayer / Gaming Mode 2-4 players compete tournament style in COMPETITION mode or workout in TRAINING mode.
Training Rounds Include 30-second warm up, 3 minutes of active exercise in Cardio, Core, Technique and Striking, and 30-second cool down and recap
On-Screen Feedback Includes accuracy, power, reaction time, strike count, points, heart rate and caloric burn
Reported real-time and at end of each training round
Personal User Profiles Up to 5 user profiles store personal workout history and allow Nexersys training to guide you in progressive workouts