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The IN10CT Treadmill is a curved manual treadmill for indoor cardio. This non-motorized treadmill provides the most natural run a treadmill can give and is the perfect HIIT Training tool.

You can run at your own pace with better results burning up to 30% more calories than you can from traditional motorized treadmills. Keep reading to find out why this treadmill should be high on your list for your home gym.

Muscle Powered: You create the power; you control the speed. Speed up by placing your feet further forward and slow down by striking closer to the center of the belt.

Safe: The treadmill stops when you stop. There is no need to worry about the belt continuing to run if you slip and fall.

No Electrical Consumption: Excellent for the environment. Use the treadmill anywhere, no need to be near an electrical outlet.

Reduce Shock: Rubber slats and PU belt reduces harmful impact to joints, muscles, and ligaments.

Performance Monitoring: Track your time, distance, calorie, watt, pace, and heart rate.

Perfect HIIT training tool: No need to wait for the belt to slow down, quick, and easy on-off interval


Bonus! This treadmill is super easy to move. The transport wheels and rear handle makes it easy to use any where in your home. Stop in one of our locations today to give this treadmill a try!

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