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Wow! Our first Blog post on our NEW website. We want to start off by thanking everyone who stood by us to help make our dream of Southeastern Fitness Equipment a reality, especially our families. Our goal is to bring you the client, the best brands at the best prices with the best service. period. Having over 30yrs of combined experience we came up in the fitness industry when words such as Loyalty, Respect, Honesty, Integrity and Personal Communication meant something. It seems a lot of companies now, large or small,  forgot this very simple concept. Our main goal and focus is to make sure it’s alive and well within our company, for our employees as well as you the client. This is a very exciting time for us for everything that is currently in the works as well everything we have planned for the future of SFE. Currently we have 2 locations and a Commercial division to serve your needs. So please, stop by our stores and visit our Facebook pages for your area, and we look forward to you becoming a part of our fitness family!

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